Genetic Transvestigation


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This website was created to research the hereditary (genetic) transgender mutations that dominate our society.

The two main genetic traits are xx male syndrome (double x male) and androgen insensitivity syndrome (ais).
Both of these mutations can be passed on to offspring. There is no need for in utero manipulation of hormones.
Manipulation only needs to happen once and the person is a carrier.
If one carrier meets another you create another transgender child or what is considered an invert (automatic trans-gender) i.e.
a female body and spirit with male genitalia (XX male) or a male body and spirit with female genitalia (AIS).

The website was built in response to you tube censorship and the deletion of both transvestigation videos and comments.
Nothing will be deleted here unless it is blasphemous, pornographic, foul language etc.

The website is currently under construction as well as our forum/community.
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This is a Christian website act accordingly please.
If this is respected and your transvestigation video or writings are legit your work will not be deleted.
This website is for free. This website is backed up daily.
The more popular it gets the more security we will have.
This website is made for and in honor of our Mighty Father,
Yeshua/Jesus Christ and God's Holy Angels Michael, Raphael & Gabriel.
We are calling all of God's holy people from ALL denominations
(Christian, Jews, Muslims, Buddhist etc) to fight the good fight and participate here.